I’m a single mom of 3. My youngest daughter Keli (19months) was born microcephalic and has a severe form of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, among other conditions. We’ve been in intensive care 9 times over the past 19 months of her life.

Keli’s older siblings, Jesse (12) and Isabella (7), have been amazing through all of it. They know what to look for seizure wise, they respond quickly if I need something, etc. I feel horrible being away from them when Keli is in the hospital & they are just troopers. I’m actually currently sitting in a hospital room writing this. I was on he phone with my son last night asking him how his day was and he told me this story… “I was in 5th period and my teachers assignment was to write down 3 wishes. Then she called on us to read aloud. My 3 wishes were 1. Keli didn’t have to deal with everything she does 2. Keli’s seizures would leave her alone 3. I wish Keli stays alive.” Of all things a 12 year old could wish for. My heart just melted.

Jesse and Isabella have been the best ride or die siblings to Keli. And this is why I believe they are siblings of the day everyday!