Andy is our sister, she survived an aneurysm at age 14 and forever changed our lives. She impacted all of us in different ways, but I will speak for myself as the older sister. I had to grow up very fast and I learned how to become a caregiver at age 16. We have faced many challenges together as a family, but we are blessed that she is still here with us.

She makes us proud every day, she is resilient and works so hard to reach many milestones as little as being able to walk a couple of feet by herself using a walker. Andy is the most sweet and positive person, she makes us smile even on the toughest days, she really makes us realize how blessed we are. Sometimes I feel sad that she has not been able to experience all the things I have been able to experience, but she drives me to be the best person I can be so that I can make her proud. Being a sibling has been challenging and it can be lonely, but it also makes you tough. My love goes out to all those siblings out there!