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Supporting Siblings Makes an Impact

Amid COVID-19, Special Needs Siblings, Inc. is committed to assisting siblings and their families in these unprecedented times. We believe it is our duty to help as many families experiencing hardship. We are providing funding to assist with basic needs and expenses (airfare, internet, storage, transportation, food, temporary housing). If you are a sibling or caregiver, we encourage you to apply today.

Sibling resources

Listed are resources for siblings of the disabled. 

Types of support in america

Founded in 1990, the Sibling Support Project is the first national program dedicated to the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns.  

The Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) is a national nonprofit organization that provides siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, support, and tools to advocate with their brothers and sisters and to promote the issues important to them and their

SibsNY is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing the siblings of individuals with intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities with information and support. SibsNY is the NY state chapter of the national SLN.

Types of support worldwide

CaringKids is a registered charity and toy recycling enterprise dedicated to providing bespoke Toy Boxes for children who care for disabled or chronically ill family members. 

Sibs exists to support people who grow up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. It is the only UK charity representing the needs of over half a million young siblings and over one and a half million adult siblings.


Siblings Australia aims to create connections between siblings, between parents and siblings, and between families and professionals. Our focus is on strengthening families. Consequently, we aim to increase the availability of information and support services for siblings of people with chronic conditions.

additional resources

Listed are resources for siblings of the disabled. 

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

 Your donation will help a sibling in need. Our goal is to support 1o,000 siblings before 2021. There are plenty of ways to give and support our mission. A monetary donation, in-kind donation, gift cards, toys, back to school supplies, PPE supplies … we are receiving requests for help and we want to meet the needs of our community. 

Hardship Relief

SNS Hardship Relief is our initiative to assist families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


You can volunteer remotely! Specialize in something? See a gap and need help filling it?  Host a drive. Make a phone call. Write an email. We need and want your help! 


Nothing happens without your help! We operate off of the generous donations and support of the community and businesses. 


Your voice is powerful! Your story matters! By sharing your story with SNS we are stronger as a collective. Join us in raising awareness and support for siblings of a disabled individuals.