Patricia Portis, Aspiring RN, Bishop State Community College (AL)

Patricia served as a panelist on the BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtable, November 18, 2020. We appreciate her insight and transparency during this important discussion. Learn and connect with her below!

Patricia Portis is a special needs sibling who currently resides in Southern Alabama, but was raised in Snellville GA. Patricia has two siblings with disabilities, one with more severe needs than the other. Her eldest brother has cerebral palsy and mental disabilities he is non-verbal and requires total care. 

Patricia’s brothers have been her inspiration in life to become a Registered nurse. She is currently a full time student at Bishop State Community College in pursuit of earning her degree. She also works full time as a technical  support rep. After graduation, Patricia plans on opening a facility for adults and children with disabilities that supports their health, independence and individuality. Her passion for those with disabilities runs deep and she has always been an advocate.


Help Patricia and her brother Micki, who has Cerebral Palsy:

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The BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtables are a bi-monthly event co-hosted by the Sibling Support Project, Special Needs Siblings and Sibling Leadership Network.

November 18 launched the first of a series of sibling discussions dedicated to expanding the inclusion and diversity of the sibling support community. The series highlights the experiences, insights, perspectives and stories of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color who have brothers and sisters with disabilities.