Parents with special needs children run the risk of burnout, which really isn’t an option. To reduce your risk of burnout you must expand your support system. Here are a few tips.

Accept Help

When friends and family offer to help, accept. This is easier said than done as you may not want to burden anyone else and may feel that it’s your job as a parent to figure things out yourself. Set pride aside and know that your nearest and dearest are sincere. Everyone can help in some way, not just when it comes to childcare. Let your loved ones help cook, clean, run errands, babysit some or all of your kids, give you a break for a couple of hours, do yard work, and more.

Invest In Respite Care

There are many ways in which respite care can be part of the equation, either daily or as-needed. First and foremost, reach out to your healthcare provider to determine if you qualify for home health care. Even a few hours a week can have a huge impact on your quality of life. If it’s in your budget hire an ongoing or as-needed nurse, caregiver, housekeeper, or errand runner. Also, see what non-profits provide volunteers for any variety of services that may lighten your load.

Join A Support Group

Support groups such as Special Needs Siblings provide you with the chance to share your stories, ask for and share advice, vent, and celebrate. The photos and stories you share help other families know that they are not alone. In addition to your online support groups look for live support groups that you or you and the entire family can join. There is no one who understands your highs and lows like someone who is in the exact same situation.

It might feel like it sometimes, but you are not alone!