Emily Holl, Director of the Sibling Support Project

Emily is an integral part of the BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtable. Emily and Jeniece connected during a SibShop facilitator training. One uncomfortable conversation regarding Jeniece’s experiences with Sibshops and race brought about the desire to do more. Her willingness to listen, heart to learn and passion for change helped to make BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtables possible. She introduced Jeniece to the amazing Lisa Matthews. These three women aligned energy to bring this powerful vision to life. She served as a host on the first BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtable, November 18, 2020. She has continued to work behind the scenes to ensure successful roundtables. Learn and connect with her below!

Emily Holl is the Director of The Sibling Support Project at Kindering, the first national program dedicated to the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of brothers and sisters of people with special developmental and health concerns. Emily is a social worker, author, and trainer who has provided workshops and groups for siblings and families, presented extensively on sibling issues, and has conducted and published sibling research.

A sibling, and board member of the national Sibling Leadership Network, Emily has written about her experiences in blogs, magazines and books such as “Thicker than Water.” She was a co-editor of “The Sibling Survival Guide: Indispensable Information for Adult Brothers and Sisters of People with Disabilities,” published by Woodbine House in 2014. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, and a Master of Social Work from Hunter College at the City University of New York.


Website www.siblingsupport.org.

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The BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtables are a bi-monthly event co-hosted by the Sibling Support Project, Special Needs Siblings and Sibling Leadership Network.

November 18 launched the first of a series of sibling discussions dedicated to expanding the inclusion and diversity of the sibling support community. The series highlights the experiences, insights, perspectives and stories of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color who have brothers and sisters with disabilities.