In these 6 minutes you will witness a raw and unedited account of Christian before and after a seizure. He and I embarked on a new journey. I set out to capture a few minutes at the end in order for me to set baseline.

Recently, he has been showing interest in writing so I wanted to teach him. We are starting with the letter “A”. Never thought I would capture a seizure in the same sitting.

History: Chris is almost 13. He has autism and epilepsy. He is on daily medication but still experiences seizures on a daily basis. This breaks my heart, but it is simply the reality of our last 10 years. I had no idea he would seize while filming this… but I am grateful we were able to capture the moment. Being able to capture this daily occurrence will help his doctors in assisting him. This also brings transparency to our household… to loved ones.. strangers on our journey. Not everyone knows that there are multiple types of seizures.

Not everyone understands the toll it takes on the brain for those who experience a seizure. Not everyone gets why he drops in the middle of the store only to get back up and walk. Not everyone will even care. But to those who do… to those who would like to share the ups and downs with us…

We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,