Super Sibshops

Super Sibshops

Super Sibshops!

It is time for our super siblings to have the support they deserve in order to live their best life. Often siblings do not realize the power of connecting with other siblings until they experience it.

Offering Sibshops in Southwest Atlanta. Sibshops are lively celebrations of the many contributions made by the brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. They acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is for some a good thing, others a not-so-good thing, and for many somewhere in between. They reflect the belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another, if they are given the chance. Sibshops are offered to Sibs 8 to 17 years of age.


When a child becomes ill, the entire family is affected. Sibshops provide support and guidance to siblings of children with special medical or developmental needs. Siblings are encouraged to share the challenges and celebrate the joys with brothers and sisters in similar situations.

Sibshops combine information and discussion activities with games, art projects and more. It is also an opportunity for siblings to share the challenges and celebrate the joys with brothers and sisters in similar situations

Sibshops are run by a team of people who have professional and, in some cases, personal understanding of the impact a child’s illness or disability can have on family members. Equally important, they all have great kid skills! Both Sibshops sometimes have “junior facilitators” who are sibs in their later teen years. Jeniece Stewart is the founder of Special Needs Siblings, mother of 7, and coordinates the program.

Sibshops take place 2nd Sunday of the month during the school year, groups have different times based on grade.

Sibshops are held at Prime Theory Wellness, 2312 Benjamin E. Mays Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30311

Kids Vision Board Event

Kids Vision Board Event

Community Collab!

Collaborating with Love Live Play! Creating a vision board to manifest the life that we want and make our dreams come to reality! AGES 4-18 💜 THIS IS A PARENT/ CHILD(REN) EVENT  PLEASE BRING OLD MAGAZINES OR BOOKS. Some will already be provided but limited.

Siblings: Josephine & Benjamin

Siblings: Josephine & Benjamin

Our daughter Josephine Tylicki (12) is the best big-little sister to our son Benjamin (15). Josie without complaints patiently waits for her turn because her brother typically needs more help with day to day activities . She loves him. Period. She helps out with our family flow. She never complains or is jealous of the extra attention Ben needs . She understands his nonverbal communication and knows him at a core level. Recently at an IEP team meeting she could explain to the team that Ben is an extreme empath, picking up the emotions easily and adeptly. This was something that resonated w the whole team. She’s a natural advocate. A beautiful soul. She is Someone who has learned what is important in life at a very young age. We are so proud of the person she is and we appreciate her so much .

Books for Young Siblings

Books for Young Siblings

Books for young siblings

Siblings learning about other siblings in a book is a great place to start ! Supporting siblings begins early!


For a List of  Books

Fill out your information and we will send you a list of books for young siblings we have compiled!

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews. D.C. Chapter Representative, Sibling Leadership Network (Washington, D.C.)

Lisa is a powerful part of the BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtable. Her along with Emily Holl and Jeniece Stewart aligned energy to bring this powerful vision to life. She served as a panelist on the first BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtable, November 18, 2020. But she didn’t stop there! She has served as both, host, moderator and Q+A on subsequent roundtables. We could not be more grateful for her time, insight and transparency during these important discussions. Learn and connect with her below!

Lisa Matthews currently serves as a board member of the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) and is the SLN DC Chapter Representative.  She is the former Chair of the DC Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC Council) and member of the State Plan and Implementation Committee for the DDC Council.  Prior to joining the DDC Council, she was a graduate of the DC Advocacy Partners Program (DCAP) where she was able to develop skills in advocacy and policymaking.  Lisa is compassionate about navigating the disability system to understand her role as a sibling to support her brother Mike because she anticipates she will be his caregiver in the future.  Her goal is to empower, educate and elevate others to identify and solve problems that will bring perspective and positive change in their lives.

Lisa has shared her personal experiences with others to help educate families and bring awareness to community stakeholders.  She has provided written testimony, helped to produce a newsletter focused on issues related to autism, assisted with the launch of a recreational program for individuals with a disability, and co-lead a job readiness program in her community. Lisa also serve on boards focused on issues of homelessness, empowering women and their children in transition, and support for at-risk youth.  

Lisa currently lives in Washington, DC and works as the Chief Grants Officer for a non-profit organization.  She enjoys writing poetry and is a contributing author of two books and is listed Who’s Who in America.



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The BIPOC Adult Sibling Roundtables are a bi-monthly event co-hosted by the Sibling Support Project, Special Needs Siblings and Sibling Leadership Network.

November 18 launched the first of a series of sibling discussions dedicated to expanding the inclusion and diversity of the sibling support community. The series highlights the experiences, insights, perspectives and stories of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color who have brothers and sisters with disabilities.