Bringing light to the special needs community with Jeniece Stewart.

Good afternoon Family and welcome to another episode of #sportsbizmusic the podcast and on the show today I had a great opportunity to sit and talk to Jeniece Stewart an advocate for special need kids. Before starting her journey Jeniece started a lawn care company, but when it failed she found her true passion in the special needs community. Having five kids and founding out one of them has autism and epilepsy she found her true passion by starting a non-profit program called ”Special Needs Siblings” Which is about supporting the sibling of the disabled individuals. We are a unique, local non-profit with a global vision to provide support and resources for Special Needs Siblings one family at a time. Siblings you are not alone. Special Needs Siblings, Inc. (SNS) aims to educate, empower and encourage the siblings for disabled individuals by providing education, resources, and supportive programs for the SNS families.